“Both abundance and lack [of abundance] exist simultaneously in our lives, as parallel realities. It is always our conscious choice which secret garden we will tend." - Sarah Ban Breathnach

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Exercise Experimentation

I know that the very thought of exercising causes fear to strike the hearts of many people with CFS. However, I think that it is important not only for overall health, but it may help in CFS recovery. So, I am on a quest to discover how to fit exercise into my daily routine in a way that will NOT make me crash and lead to a post-exertional malaise.

I already do morning yoga, and I tolerate it very well. I wake up sore and achy, so I love the stretches to get the kinks out. It's a wonderful way to start my day!

I am going to add a tiny bit of aerobic exercise -- I am going to rebound (mini-trampoline) for 5 minutes. (Actually, it is a one minute warm-up, then three minute bounce, then a one minute cool-down.) I have read that it is better to try to work out in the afternoon rather than in the morning, so I am going to schedule it around my afternoon rest.

So, here's the question -- do you think it would be better to exercise before my rest, or after? Should I be well-rested before I begin, or would it be better to rest to recuperate? Does anyone have any experience with this? Or do I need to try it both ways and report my results?

Wish me luck!