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Monday, May 11, 2009

Kicking Off ME/CFS Awareness Week!

It looks like ME/CFS Awareness Day (May 12th) has evolved to ME/CFS Awareness Week! Which is nice, because really, most of us need to "pace" our posts anyway, right?

I'm taking Ashy's lead, and I'm going to be sharing what my symptoms are, how they affect my life, and what I am doing to manage this disease.

My Symptoms:

Fatigue (duh!)
Cognitive dysfunction
Impaired memory
Difficulty with word finding
Word switching (always humorous)
Post-exertional malaise (but not severe)
Unrefreshing sleep
Headaches, sometimes migraines that last days
Sore throat, but only when I've overdone it
Night sweats
Sensitivity to light
Sensitivity to sound
Sensitivity to cold
Eye spasms (blepharospasm or myoclonus)
Tinnitus (ringing ears)
Orthostatic intolerance
Jaw pain (TMJ)
Weight gain
Muscle soreness when I wake up

My worst symptoms are the fatigue (again, duh!), cognitive dysfunction, and the ever-embarrassing eye spasms! The rest of it is annoying and bearable.


Reading the Signs said...

All good wishes to you, Shelli. May the force be with you.

ashy00 said...

yes, most are "annoying but bearable"! I like that ;) If only the other worse symptoms would give us more of a break, eh? I look forward to reading more soon!

Maggie said...

I too love the mixy uppy wordy thingy!

Best wishes from wild, wet and windy Wales, Maggie