“Both abundance and lack [of abundance] exist simultaneously in our lives, as parallel realities. It is always our conscious choice which secret garden we will tend." - Sarah Ban Breathnach

Thursday, October 28, 2010


So, I called VIP Dx to see how things were going with the testing.  For some reason, I was a little panicked since I hadn't heard anything from them.  I thought maybe they hadn't received my samples, or they got there too late, or they had been rejected for some reason.  I didn't want to drag the wait out longer than needed.

None of the above had occurred.  Instead, they're backlogged, and instead of four to five weeks, it will take six to eight weeks to find out the results.  Hey, I've waited over four years, what's another week or four, right?  At least I know that something is happening.

It made me think of all the activities that are backlogged in my life.  All the have to's and ought to's that are piling up because I just don't have the energy to get to them in a timely manner.  And then, all the way at the back of the line, so far back I can't see most of them, are my want to's.  Backlogged into oblivion. 

Maybe I should throw caution to the wind and escort one of those end-of-the-liners right up to the front of the line.  If I could only remember what they were.


Renee said...

Isn't that the truth..backlogged! I feel like that with most things in the house....most projects I have half done and waiting for when I am stronger....for when I can get to them...Sorry you are having to wait for test rests so long.