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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Exciting News for Me

Many of you know that I started a website, Chronic Fatigue Community, about two years ago.  I spent a lot of time developing it, adding pages and articles about various topics related to CFS.  I was especially proud of the blog roll I had which included many of your blogs.  That list was the most visited page on my website, and it had the most repeat visits as well.

Well, my health deteriorated, and I was unable to keep adding to the site.  And although the site was a labor of love, and not expected to generate much income, I found that the annual $299 maintenance fee was too much for me.  So I made the decision to not renew it this year.

I just received an e-mail from the parent company, Site Sell.  They've made me a tremendous offer.  They want to reactivate the site and take over management of it.  They will monetize it and maybe add a few more articles to it and make it profitable.  They will split the proceeds with me 80/20 (I'd get 20% for doing nothing).  I have the option of renewing the website again at any time and taking it back over, keeping the benefits that they've added to the website.

They made the offer based on the website's content and potential.  They said they make an offer like this to only about 15% of the websites that choose not to renew.  I'm so excited that all that hard work won't go for naught, and that the information I've collected and shared will still be available to the public.  I'm also excited that the referrals to your blogs will still be accessible for people who are looking for support through the blog community.  If it ends up being profitable, well, it would be exciting to be able to add to the family's income for a change.

The site is .  It will still be down for awhile until they get it up and running again.


Lori said...

Wow! Congratulations, Shelli! Proof that what you're doing REALLY counts. Nice job.

Laurel said...

That's awesome!! Congrats to you! Is there a link to the site you could provide? I'm not sure I've seen it and would love to visit. :)

Renee said...

Shelli, This is great news..I am so happy for you. It is a good web site with lots of glad this is working out and the energy and time you put into it won't be lost.

Anonymous said...


Alison said...

Congratulations! Such good news.

Anonymous said...

How cool, Shelli! I didn't know about your website, and can't wait to check it out when it is back!


dominique said...

I love happy every ending! That is awesome news! And you might even make a little money as well! Totally awesome. I'm so proud of you!

I will add a link to it when the site is up and running.

Sue Jackson said...

That's great news, Shelli!! How exciting.

I always wish there was a way to make money from blogging since it's so work intensive. That's why I'm always behind, both in posting and in reading blogs (like yours!) - because I feel guilty spending my limited productive time on blogging and try to focus on paying work during the day (mostly on trying to GET paying work, which in itself is a frustrating process!).

Anyway, I'm really happy for you and glad to hear that your hard work will live on!


Amy said...

Hi, I have only just begun visiting your blog. But I thought this little piece of news of yours was very exciting. I look forward to visiting that site when it is up and running again.

Shelli said...

Thanks, everyone! I appreciate your support.