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Friday, June 3, 2011

Smelly Politics

I have been closely following the news regarding various negative XMRV studies and the responses from WPI.  I have yet to see a study that truly challenges Dr. Mitkovitz' findings or replicates her study.  I have heard of some interesting and plausible conspiracy theories.  It's all about money, greed, and power, and we, the sufferers of CFS, are being trampled under their feet.

There are several studies underway that should shed light on the subject one way or the other.  But Science magazine wants to undercut all that and jump to an early and ridiculous conclusion by requesting that Dr. Mitkovitz retract her paper.  It is unconscionable.  I have to wonder why they would do this now.  We've been told for almost two years now to let the science work it out.  Why aren't they willing to let the science work it out?

I encourage you to sign this petition that tells Science to retract their EEC.


Elaine said...

Thanks Shelli,
I signed it:)