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Sunday, June 26, 2011

XMRV Treatment: Four Months

I continue a slow but steady improvement with my health.  When I went to my last doctor's appointment, I told him I felt like I was getting better.  I said I'm able to tolerate social visits better, and that I was more mobile around the house.  He said that was nice, but he was hoping I'd be able to give him something a little more quantifiable.

Well, here's a quantifiable improvement for you:  I lost a couple of pounds!  I haven't changed my eating habits.  It's been due to an increase in activity.

I have been taking advantage of having a pool in my backyard.  I try to go in every day, now that the weather is so hot.  I'm sure that being out in the sun and getting a nice Vitamin D fix is helpful.  I am gentle in the water.  I walk the width of the pool a few times, and I float on my back.  I can feel the muscles in my body stretching in new ways.  It feels heavenly.  I do a couple, just a few, water calisthenics.  And on a good day, I'll take a few strokes across the pool.  Seriously, three strokes will get me to the other side.  Again, it's movement in a new way, and I'm always careful to not get my heart rate racing.

The daily exercise has been helpful for my sleep, too.  I've been getting a good nine hours a night.  I feel more energetic during the day, less dragging.  I still rest twice a day, but I have to force myself to stay down at least 20 minutes in the morning and half an hour in the afternoon.  Rarely am I tired enough to rest a full hour.

I also feel like my immune system is strengthening, just a little bit.  This is kind of scary.  I know I've had infections floating around my body undetected for some time; now, my body is starting to fight back, so I'm getting more "sick" symptoms like mucus and fever.  I tell myself this is a good thing, and for proof, I have more energy than I did before my "sick" symptoms.

I'm still not venturing out of my house much.  With summer vacation, there aren't too many reasons to.  I content myself with enjoying the improvements on this level without worrying about kicking it up a notch just yet.

I'm enjoying my essential oils.  I feel like they are helpful, especially with immune support and orthostatic intolerance support.  Who knows for sure, right?  The digestive aid is definitely helping, though.  I really like the new supplements I'm using, too.  I feel like they help me bounce back from overexertion better than I had before.

Meanwhile, the controversy over XMRV continues.  Personally, I am waiting for the Lipkin study that should be out by the end of the year.  I feel that if WPI has made a mistake, he'll be able to explain how instead of just saying, "Well, I couldn't find XMRV using my fast, cheap methods, so it must not exist."  WPI continues to be confident that true replication studies will support their findings.  In the meantime, I'm taking ARV treatment, and I'm getting better.  That's enough for now.


Renee said...

This is amazing and wonderful, Shelli. I could not help but smile when I read your update. Wow..Praise God. Yahoo...and I am so very happy for you and your family. To be in a pool again? Amazing....Hope adn pray it continues.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Renee. Awesome news! May you continue to improve!

Elaine said...

Oh Shelli, I am so excited for you! It sounds like the treatment is working for you! That is so wonderful!

The pool must be heavenly. I would love to lay in the water and move about some. All the pools are too far and crowded or cold here... I can't tollerate the cold. So my tub and shower suffice.

I am waiting now for some new data to come out on the XMRV. The INS wont touch the tests until some tangible data is in. Hoping it will be soon!

Hope and pray you have a wonderful summer and that God's blessings rain down upon you and your family!!


Shelli said...

Thanks, Renee and Dominique!

Elaine, I'm waiting for the new data, too. If it comes back negative, I can't help but wonder -- why am I getting better? Hopefully, the science will tell and we won't be swept under the rug again.

Sue Jackson said...

Hi, Shelli - I'm just catching up after my vacation, and I see you haven't posted in a while.

I hope everything is OK and you are just too busy with your improved life to worry about this blog!

So glad to hear you have seen improvements. You seem to be doing the smart thing and taking it slow which is hard to do!!

Hope you are well and enjoying summer vacation with your family.


PS I gave a good friend your name and blog link. She lives here in DE near me and is interested in ARV treatments.

Amanda said...


I'm so happy to hear about your improvements! Getting that extra vitamin d each day will definitely help too!

I'm curious about what essential oils you are using. My friend just started working with an EO company and I was thinking about ordering some. I definitely like the peppermint oil. I put some in water after I eat-- helps with digestion!

Enjoy your summer vacation! I hope God continues to give you more energy and good health!

Shelli said...

Sue, you're right, I'm enjoying the summer and slacking on blogging right now. :)

Amanda, I use doTerra's essential oils, and they are beyond fantastic. I recommend them wholeheartedly. If your friend is doing doTerra, then I would lend her an eager ear. I'll do a post on them soon, so you can know what oils I use.