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Saturday, February 20, 2010

What? Me a Sugar Doll?

I woke up this morning to find out that Sue has nominated me for the Sugar Doll award! I am to tell you ten things about myself, and then nominate some other deserving bloggers. I have to admit, I'm going to cheat a little -- here are the ten things I told Kerry over at Lemon-Aide.

1. I once licked a snail because my big sister told me they taste like bubble gum.
2. I hiked to the top of Squaw Peak in Utah my freshman year of college. I didn’t know they had a trail.
3. I think chocolate makes the world go around.
4. My husband gets a pedicure with me every month.
5. I went skinny dipping with my best friend at a public beach in the middle of winter.
6. I once caught a baby octopus.
7. I served a Mormon mission in France for 18 months when I was 21.
8. I have a bachelor’s degree in zoology.
9. I have six kids, which is the closest I’ve ever come to using my degree in zoology.
10. I’m working on writing a novel.

I'm nominating:

Forgetful Girl
Lyme Is Crazy
Alyson at Alysons CFIDS Blog


dominique said...

I cracked up at the first one! LOL! That was funny. And I eat the little buggers for dinner (Only when my Parisian mother makes them though).

I also loved the fact that your husband gets a pedicure with you! Hello! Is that not a great husband! Lucky you!

Those were great! Thanks for sharing.

Oh yeah! Congratulations!

Shelli said...

Welcome, Dominique! I have since had escargot, and yes, I like it just fine. Apparently the key is in cooking them and slathering them in butter.

Sue Jackson said...


I'm so glad to see you discovered your award on your own because I realized today that I only did half the job yesterday in posting - I was also supposed to notify the winners! Sorry - it's been that kind of week...

I love your list - I had no idea you had a degree in zoology - how cool! You must be a wealth of information for your kids. Mine have always loved everything about nature and animals.

I'm glad to see you nominated PJ and Alyson - they were high on my list, too. I'll have to check out Forgetful Girl - this is the second time her blog has come up this week for me.


Renee said...

Great fun to read these Shelli! So fun to learn something knew about fellow great is that. 6 kids! Fun!!
An 18 mo mission in Long time to be gone. (we lived in Salt Lake City for 2 years....pretty place with alot of Morman history.

Jo said...

Six . . . I say again . . six!!! I would have loved a large family . . .sigh. I'm really enjoying these ten things about people. I think we should collect them all in a book.

Shelli said...

Jo -- it has been fun, hasn't it? I love the idea of collecting them in a book. And yes, six kids, everyone of them a joy and a blessing. You know, most of the time!

willow said...

Hee. I love #9.