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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Waiting Game

I was finally able to get my labs done yesterday.  I cut my morning rest short, and I arrived at the lab at 11:40 am.  They close at 12 pm for lunch.  My timing couldn't have been better.  Twenty minutes layer, I was staring at a tray full of vials filled with my blood.  An awful lot of them.

I called my husband, feeling triumphant that I had completed that task.  When I greeted him, he said, "What's wrong?  You sound terrible."  Yep, he's that good.  I guess I didn't sound as triumphant as I felt.  He could tell the ordeal had wiped me out, just by hearing me say, "Hi, babe."

So now I wait.  I wait for my doctor to get back test results that will tell her nothing... and then the test results that will tell me everything.  Am I XMRV positive? Or will I test positive for one of the other viruses they've discovered?  We'll see.  Once I know, I can decide on a course of treatment.  See if I should wait for more science or go for HAART treatment. 

Have I ever mentioned how impatient I am?  Let the torture begin.


Lori said...

Good luck, Shelli. I hope the wait isn't too long for you.

Sue Jackson said...

Having so much blood drawn can take a lot out of you! We don't have enough to spare any to begin with.

I had to laugh - my husband and my mom are the same way with me. My mom can call from CT, I say "hello," and she says, "What's wrong? You aren't feeling well today?" She says she can always tell from my voice.

Drink LOTS of fluids and ingest LOTS of salt to help your body replace that lost blood!!


Jo said...

Literally a 'draining' experience. I think you are very brave to put yourself through this. And, of course, you help the rest of us in doing so. I'm almost as impatient as you are to see your results! Hang in.

Anonymous said...

Shelli ~ This makes me want to get more tests done now that they've ruled-out Lyme. I'm expecting to hear from my new doctor soon. I need to find out how much he knows about CFIDS, and how much he is willing to learn. Hope to hear from you at my blog. I miss you over there. I whine and I beg for attention as needed!


Laurel said...

Good luck to you, Shelli! I, too, am wondering about the HAART treatment, knowing I am positive. I hope better answers come for all of us soon. I hope you are feeling a bit better as well.

dominique said...

I hope those tests results come back quickly. I actually can't wait to find out what the results are! Almost like having a baby or something! LOL!

I know for a lot of us with the illness and those who have already tested positive, treatment is going to play a very important part.

I hope you are back to resting and recuperating! Rest well!