“Both abundance and lack [of abundance] exist simultaneously in our lives, as parallel realities. It is always our conscious choice which secret garden we will tend." - Sarah Ban Breathnach

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baseline, Part II

A note about my list of activities.  Everything on the list is subject to my energy envelope.  I find that I fill most of my days with low to moderate energy activities.  But even on my best energy day, I can only tolerate up to eight moderate energy activities.  If I add any of the higher energy activities, that number plunges dramatically. 

Sometimes, I'll piggy-back high energy activities.  I tolerate two high energy activities in one day better than I tolerate two high energy activities in separate days, especially if it's the next day.  It's like serving my sentences concurrently rather than consecutively.

I have pain in my hips and neck always.  Sometimes I have pain in my back.  I get mild headaches a coupleof times a week.  I get a substantial headache about once a month.  My current level of pain is a steady three.  On my worst days, it bumps up to a five.  On a good day, for example right after my massage, it drops to a two.

I'm not quite sure how to quantify brain fog.  My memory is completely unreliable, even if I have it written down on the calendar.  I blurt out the wrong word several times during the course of the day.  I have a hard time finding words, and sometimes my mind just goes completely blank, like a white board wiped clean.  It takes me several uncomfortable seconds (10 or more) to retrieve my thought processes.  Sometimes, if someone reminds me what I was talking about, I can pick up where I left off.  Sometimes it's just gone, and I move on.

Did I leave anything out?


Renee said...

This is good, Shelli. Really helps to hear what others recognize in themselves as it often echos the rest of us with CFS/ME.

Jo said...

Yes, I can identify! I like the idea of piggybacking to 'serve a sentence concurrently'. Although I have to say I find doing that increases the length of payback. So with me it's not concurrent but becomes consecutive. We are all so much the same and all so different! Have a great day Shelli.

Forgetful Girl said...

Your last 2 posts are so helpful! It's always interesting to see how other people categorise/ prioritise events and activities.

Sadly, I'm not too good at it! Perhaps it's because of my age- I want to try and keep up with my friends. I might take your idea 'piggybacking'!

Anonymous said...

I can relate to everything you are experiencing, Shelli. I just keep trying to focus on the positive so that I can cultivate more of that. And my teens have learned to laugh with me at my inane brainfog-speak! Or maybe it was they who taught me to laugh at it!